Artscape and Unmute partner for Edinburgh festival

Nadine Mckenzie and Themba Mbuli

Unmute Dance Company, through its partnership with the Artscape theatre, is representing South Africa at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Carnival from Friday July 16 to Monday July 19.

Scotland’s largest three-day multicultural celebration features international artists including musicians, dancers, poets, acrobats, jugglers and cooks.

As a partner in the festival carnival and its long standing relationship with Giles Agis, Artscape theatre got to select a company to provide a performance while also sending two artists to complete a three-month European Voluntary Service at Edinburgh, which included workshops and working together with other young artists from across the globe in putting the festival carnival together.

Unmute, a South African based inclusive dance company of artists with mixed abilities/disabilities and its all-star cast including Yaseen Manuel, Andile Vellem, Nadine Mckenzie, Siseko Mvulo and Ditebogo Lelaletse are presenting an exploration work showcasing integration in a fun and artistic way.

The company is participating in the carnival for the first time ever, which comes at no better time as Artscape and its various associated companies join hands in celebrating the theatre’s 50th anniversary this year.

Due to the global Covid pandemic, this year’s carnival is being presented as a free online event featuring performers from all over the world.

The three-day programme includes performances, workshops and even a cooking demonstration, celebrating everything that makes Edinburgh a colourful, vibrant, multi-cultural hub.