Award-winning production online

Gerben Kamper and Antoinette Kellermann in Samsa-masjien.

Willem Anker and Jaco Bouwer’s production Samsa-masjien can be viewed online until Sunday August 1 as part of the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK).

Gregor Samsa (Gerben Kamper) and his wife (Antoinette Kellermann) live with their daughter (Ilana Cilliers) and her husband (Ludwig Binge) in their old age.

Gregor experiences a systematic transition into an insect, which is attributed by psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors to the auditory and tactile hallucinations of dementia sufferers. Gregor sees insects everywhere and feels them walking on him. His copywriter daughter further colours this narrative with her stories to her therapist.

The Afrikaans productions has won several awards since it debuted at the KKNK in 2012.

Kamper was awarded the Fleur du Cap and Kanna Awards for Best Actor and Bouwer won the Fleur du Cap and Kanna Awards for Best Director, as well as the Fleur du Cap for Best Set Design. Pierre-Henri Wicomb received the Fleur du Cap for Best Sound Design, while Anker was awarded the Fleur du Cap for Best South African Script. Kellermann was awarded the Kanna for Best Actress and Samsa-masjien received the KKNK’s Herrie Prize for Mind Shifting Work.

Samsa-masjien has an age restriction of 18 years due to scenes with sex, nudity and strong language.

Tickets cost R150 through Quicket