Children’s book review

The 130-Storey TreehouseLaser Eyes and Annoying FliesAndy Griffiths and Terry DentonPan MacMillanReview: Lauren O’Connor-May

The cover boasts that this book has made over 10 million children laugh worldwide but my children were exceptionally underwhelmed by it.

The book is the 15th in a series about two boys, who share the names of the authors.

These boys keep adding levels to an already unbelievably tall treehouse.

The synopsis page says the boys live in the treehouse where they collaborate to write funny books. I was immediately reminded of the Captain Underpants series, which has a similar premise, and asked my children if it was similar.

My two eldest replied in unison: “Yes, but it’s not as funny.” Ouch.

The 300-page book combines comic graphics, jokes and whacky stories into a quick read.

My two eldest children both finished it in under an hour with nary a giggle.

Curiously, one of its companion books, The Treehouse Jokebook, has become a favourite in the house.

At any given time, one of my children will pick up the jokebook and start telling one of its incredibly dry jokes to her sisters. That book actually did garner a few giggles and despite only visiting our home quite recently, it has already become a favourite.

This series must have a considerable fan base somewhere because it keeps growing but, bar the jokebook, it didn’t find any fans in our home.