Classic farce at Milnerton Playhouse

Andrea (Petra Baker ) tries to take a short cut with Katerina (Nasreen Adhikari) and get past police constable Downs (Danalia Borman) in Tom, Dick and Harry. PICTURE: Jane Amory

Johann van der Merwe directs Tom, Dick and Harry by Ray and Michael Cooney from Friday March 17 to Saturday April 1 at Milnerton Playhouse.

These three brothers are no ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry. Tom (Anton Schӓfer) and his wife Linda (Grace Brain) are in the final stages of adopting a baby, and are nervously awaiting the inspection and final approval of the unforgiving, formidable head of the adoption agency, Mrs Potter (Sheila McCormick).

However, rogue brothers Dick (Donovan Burger) and Harry (Satchen Gush) throw a spanner in the works: Dick, who shares the house with Tom and Linda, returns from a trip (having used Tom’s delivery van without his knowledge) with illegally acquired goods and two hidden refugees of whose presence he is totally unaware, Katerina (Nasreen Adhikari) and Andrea (Petra Baker).

Meanwhile, brother Harry, whose work for a hospital involves disposing of cadavers used by medical students, embarks on an ambitious plan to allow Tom and Linda to buy the house they are renting and get the price reduced. Suspicious female police constable Downs (Danalia Borman) keeps popping in and sniffing around, while Tom fabricates what appears to be plausible explanations for the mayhem around him.

Evening performances on Fridays and Saturdays are at 8pm, and Saturday matinees at 2.30pm.

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