Dance crew to smash up the floor


Own Reflexion Dance Crew will be setting the stage on fire with their annual show, called Smash Up, on Friday May 6, at the Joseph Stone Auditorium.

The show promises to be a mash-up of many different elements – an expression of human experiences through music and dance – with each performance telling a different story.

“We want people to be able to relate to what they will see on stage – to see their own ‘reflexion’. It might mirror a situation they’ve found themselves in, or have seen in others,” said founding member and leader, Graham Adams.

Part of the show will also pay tribute to the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot.

The crew was formed in 2001, and have had an eventful 15 years.

Dancers have come and gone, and they’ve competed and performed in numerous competitions and shows.

As the years have passed, and as music and dance evolved, so too has the crew.

Most of the dancers come from a strictly hip-hop background, but some have had training in other disciplines, such as ballet, modern contemporary, belly dancing, and even gymnastics, and they incorporate these into their routines.

Originally known as Heartbreakers, the dance crew’s style of hip-hop has changed over time.

In 2010 the crew was rebranded as Own Reflexion, and with the name and style change came more success. Their most notable accolade is making it to the live finals of Season 2 of SA’s Got Talent in 2010.

“We didn’t win the competition, but we did get exposure and recognition,” Mr Adams said.

The crew does few competitions these days – in addition to their annual show, they perform at corporate events and shows and, whenever possible, give back to their community by doing performances for local charitable organisations.

The crew members, aged from 18 to 30 years, are very much like a family, but when it comes to performing, they become very professional. Some hold down full-time jobs, some are students, and they have managed to fit in four to five rehearsal days every week for Smash Up.

Celeste Marinus, one of the crew members, said: “We believe in always producing quality performances for our audience. We want them to feel good when we perform, and on that we will not compromise.”

With the level of talent, commitment and dedication displayed by this team, the audience can look forward to an awe-inspiring evening.

The show starts at 8pm and doors open at 7.30pm.

Tickets are pre-sold for R70 and R80 at the door. For tickets, contact Mr Adams at 084 957 4016.