Holiday comedy at Milnerton Playhouse

Brian (Chris Doran) flanked by the luscious Mavis (Kim Coetzer) and the more demure Mabel (Coleen Tapson) in Love and Mistletoe. PICTURE: Jane Amory

Milnerton Players will present their holiday comedy production, Love and Mistletoe, from Friday November 25 to Saturday December 10 at the Milnerton Playhouse.

Directed by veteran Sheila McCormick and written by Raymond Hopkins, the play follows the Millard family and some friends as they celebrate Christmas, but all is not plain sailing.

Sue Millard (Tania Lemme) is a successful businesswoman whose catering company has seen her rather neglecting her husband of 25 years, Tom (Dirk Jonker) and their marriage is going through a bad patch.

Sue’s widower dad, Brian (Chris Doran) has been invited to spend the festive season with them but, unbeknown to Brian, Sue has invited three “mature” ladies, Mavis, Mabel and Martha (Kim Coetzer, Coleen Tapson and Beryl Eichenberger) round on Christmas eve with the intention of finding him a partner. To make matters worse for Sue, their daughter, Felicia (Chané Wilhelm) arrives and drops a couple of bombshells on them, and, as if that wasn’t enough, and to add to the mayhem, one of Sue’s old school friends Julie (Genevieve Kerswill) arrives, asking if she can stay for a couple of days after the breakdown of her marriage.

Royalties from all the late Raymond Hopkins works are donated from his literary estate to research for multiple sclerosis.

There is a special dinner or lunch and show package at R200 a person (drinks excluded) with Beach Blanc deli and restaurant at the Lighthouse on Woodbridge island. Visit for more information and to book.