Jimmy Nevis launches fashion line

The new fashion line, called York Yard, features pieces inspired by active wear.

Movers, shakers, bloggers and fashion aficionados came together at Canal Walk on Saturday July 1 to support Cape Town musician Jimmy Nevis at the launch of his new fashion line called York Yard.

The line, which was inspired by the singer’s upbringing in Athlone, brings together talented young local designers who have combined their fashion influences and created unique pieces which form part of the York Yard brand.

From matching tracksuits with the York Yard emblem, to corset belts and the ever trending velour wear, the line combines a mixture of current trends which included sports inspired wear, faux fur ensembles and comfort wear.

The designs were the brainchild of Jimmy himself and designers Paige Martins, Anke Nel, Josh Myburgh and Naeelah Jumat whose outfits will be on sale inside the pop-up store.

According to Jimmy the core message of the brand is to celebrate our heritage and the future of South Africa.

“I remember as a child, singing in my backyard and our neighbours may remember. For that moment, I could move beyond the space I was in and it felt like I was in New York . This is where the name comes from.”

“York Yard is about recognising that our dreams can become our reality. It’s about knowing where you are from and believing in where you are going,” said Jimmy about the line he has been working on for the past two years.

The York Yard range will also include a plus size collection.