J’Something goes indoors for his latest tour

The Indoor Tour will feature J’Something alongside his three-piece band.

J’Something will perform at the Star Theatre (former Fugard) at the District Six Homecoming Centre on Thursday September 15 and Friday September 16, at 6pm, as part of his Indoor Tour.

Indoor is a 10-track “mixtape” that he made together with some of his industry friends. It draws inspiration from some of the greats that have inspired him.

“I started working on this project at the very beginning of lockdown. After years of touring, performing, and sharing music with people, to being told that entertainment was the least essential craft. As a professional, a talented, hardworking artist who had put their whole life into their craft, this was the most hurtful thing to be told,” said J’Something.

“That is why Indoor is very close to my heart, it kept my fire burning through the lockdown, gave me direction and purpose in my craft. And now that it’s finally ready, I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Tickets cost from R350. Book through Computicket.