Love at the heart of new King Smasher song

Rapper King Smasher released hit single Loving On You.

Rapper Shaundeon “King Smasher” Afrika has released a new single, called Loving On You.

“The song speaks to loving someone beyond money, building a life on love, that doesn’t dwell around money, then they’d be able to withstand any obstacle. Love (can) conquer anything,” he said.

King Smasher, who lives in Milnerton but is originally from Lentegeur, wrote the song which was released on Friday August 20. It was produced by his friend, Tyrese Sineker also known as T45 Beats and it was mixed and mastered by Adin Lucian Moore also known as Ezee Mimo Beatz. Since its release it has had airplay on several local stations.

King Smasher said the song’s inspiration came from his own story.

“I’ve been in love before and I used to think that money would make a relationship better or that it would allow someone to forgive me for my mistakes.

“I realised that no amount of money could fix things. I had to learn to be a man and I’d have to love someone right. It starts with how I treat her, how I make her feel. It starts with me. I have to love her, with my actions and not only with my words.”