Lunch-hour of ice-cream and poetry

Overall winner of the Cape Town Poetry Slam final, Riyaadh Sarang.

Interlude, a lunch-hour of ice-cream and poetry takes place on Tuesday June 4, at MilQ & Honey, in Cape Town, at 1pm.

Before the event, poet Toni Stuart will taste four ice-cream flavours without knowing what they are, and write poems inspired by them. At the event, Stuart will perform the poems to coincide with each of the four ice-cream courses.

The audience will taste the ice-creams without knowing what they are and the person who guesses the most flavours correctly will win a tub of TAPI TAPI ice-cream, founded by Tapiwa Guzha, and a printed set of Stuart’s poems.

Tickets are R200 each and can be booked via Quicket.