Singers bring their Loverz Kwarrel to stage

Zurayda and Zyboedien Abrahams, known as Thee A2, will be staging their show, Loverz Kwarrel, at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on Sunday December 29.

Husband and wife duo, Zyboedien and Zurayda Abrahams, known as Thee A2, will be lighting up the stage with their show, Loverz Kwarrel, at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on Sunday December 29.

The two have been singing together for 10 years, and although they have been supporting acts
at other artists’ shows, this performance will be their first as the headline act.

“The show has been coming on for a long time. Now is the right time,” Mr Abrahams said.

Before they met, both were singers in their own right. Mr Abrahams performed with his father’s group, The A4, and Ms Abrahams did solo performances.

Not long after they met, their shared passion for singing and performing, eventually led them to start singing together.

Mr Abrahams’ musical journey started with The A4, but later he decided to offer music therapy at seniors’ homes. This, he said, was his great love.

He still does music therapy at Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged (CPOA) homes in Bonteheuwel, Heideveld, Lotus River
and Silvertown. This he does
consistently, as he does not believe music therapy should be a once-off thing.

“Many of our seniors have difficulty with walking, and cannot really go out, that is why we go to them. We do it every day, it’s not just a temporary thing.

“We do it for the love of it. I would like to thank Hubert Paulse from
the CPOA for giving me this opportunity,” Mr Abrahams said.

Mr Abrahams is a builder by profession, and Ms Abrahams is a teacher.

When she is not teaching or on stage, Ms Abrahams is also the choir master at Timour Hall Primary School in Plumstead, where she teaches.

“Zyboedien works with recycled teenagers and I work with teenagers. We love music so much, and we just want to spread the love,” Ms Abrahams said.

The couple are originally from Mitchell’s Plain, but now live in Plumstead.

They don’t want to give away too much about what the show is about, only hinting that the title of the show might be a bit misleading.

“The show will focus on how a couple can disagree, but not in an aggressive way. It’s about how to
do things together, in a loving way, even if you disagree,” Ms Abrahams said.

Other artists that will join them on the evening, include Zale Titus and Osman Abrahams, known as Mr A1, among others.

Tickets to the show, Loverz Kwarrel, at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, on Sunday December 29, at 2.30pm, are R100 each. Call 076 592 1389 for tickets.