Song inspired by movie romance

Gia Mckay has been performing as a vocalist since she was 6 years old.

Singer and songwriter Gia Mckay has released her latest track called Movies.

The Bloubergstrand artist released her first commercial track, I Won’t Ask Why, at the age of 18 in October 2020.

Movies was written on a borrowed piano that found its way to her in lockdown when friends moved overseas and needed a home for their Ludwig Meister.

“The song was inspired by my inner romantic,” says Gia who is inspired by artists such as Adele, Freya Ridings, Billie Eilish, James Arthur and Sasha Sloan.

“There is nothing quite like the escapism of movie romance. It is intense, always exciting, never disappointing and leaves you believing in love.”

Currently studying towards a career in medicine while simultaneously pursuing her music, Gia has been dancing since the age of 3 and performing as a vocalist since she was 6.

Gia is also a poetry junkie, and describes herself as a happy girl who loves sad songs and a timeless romantic who is always drawn to a good lyric.

“I am inspired by people, poetry, music and art. My everyday experiences with people cultivate my musical inspiration. My family and friends play a big role in providing a space where I can be creative and vulnerable with my songwriting,” she says.

“Storytelling and songwriting come very organically to me. My writing process usually begins with a word or phrase. The lyrics unlock the process. I then go to my piano, find a chord progression that fits with my narrative and build the song on that.”

The music video that accompanies the track, Movies, can be viewed on YouTube.