Tyrone Appollis art exhibition

An exhibition by former Bridge-town resident Tyrone Appollis will take place at the UCT Irma Stern Museum, Cecil Road, Rosebank, from Saturday April 16 until Saturday May 7.

The exhibition is titled My New Immediacy.

Mr Appollis, who now lives in Plumstead, is an artist, poet and musician.

His paintings are characterised by vibrant colour and knowledge of life depicting the Cape Flats. Each work is an impassioned narrative ranging from a busy street scene after rain; with cloud leaden sky, sharp sunlight on wet walls, to a night scene with moonlight dramatically highlighting Table Mountain and a homeless couple.

All demonstrate the artist’s unbounded enthusiasm, powerful sense of humanity, empathy and optimism.

“My New Immediacy is right here at my feet. I’m still obsessed with South Africa and think it will so remain. I can’t think of any other place than home that has given me so much victory, tribulation and urgency. And I am extremely grateful for the spirit of our local and international giant artists in no order of importance: Sekoto and Skotnes, the hectic Dumile Feni and Jackson Hlangwani, whom I salute wholeheartedly,” said Mr Appollis.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Entry costs R20 for adults and R10 for children. Visit www. irmasternmuseum.org.za for more information.