Win a stylish, modest Eid outfit

Muslims are encouraged to dress modestly so they are not judged by their physical features.

Athlone News has partnered with AK Wholesalers to give away two full hijabs, ahead of Eid-ul Fitr which will be marked this weekend, depending on the sighting of the moon.

This is an important Islamic holiday which marks the end of Ramadaan, when Muslims thank Allah for having given them the strength to observe fast during Ramadaan.

It is also an opportunity of spiritual stock taking. They can now work on their strengths and weakness of their will power.

Muslims are also obliged to share what they have with the needy. They have to give fitra at the rate of a prescribed weight on behalf of themselves and family.

Islam promotes modesty so both Muslim men and women should protect their modesty at all times. By dressing modestly, women are recognised by the content of their character and not their physical features. This is also seen as a form of obedience to Allah.

It’s often difficult to find modest wear in regular chainstores.

So, when it comes to shopping for special occasions like Eid, many Muslim women find themselves going from store to store looking for something approporiate, often to no avail.

Having spotted a gap in the market for modest Islamic clothing, AK Wholesalers, a family-owned business which has stores in Athlone and Elsies River, started stocking these items, including dresses, scarves and accessories suitable for the young and old. And so was born, in 2013, QRAYZZ, their proudly South African brand.

This week we’re giving two readers the opportunity to each win a full hijab by entering a simple SMS competition.

For more information, see the advert on page 27 of this edition.

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