A ship’s tale

Wessel van Dyk, Sunningdale

The Commodore II was stripped in the harbour and the wooden hull towed out and allowed to beach on the Cape Town side of the cement water outlet that is still there (“Comment to preserve ‘piece of history,’ Tabletalk, November 2).

We used to dive from the high bow into the sea, and inside the hull, was a largish pool in which we swam.

It was quite an attraction to the local kids. At a later stage, a local was given a permit to burn the wood and remove the steel pieces holding the wood together.

He sold the metal for scrap. It would be very nice if this piece of history could be preserved.

Incidentally, I knew Judy Baard and her sister as well as their husbands and was wondering if they were relatives. I know both ladies are no longer with us.