A tribute to Alvon

From left, Sadia Hartle from Table View, Faried Swartz from Milnerton , Shannon Johns from Mitchells Plain Janine Atherton and Edward Atherton from Plumstead

Friends, family and fans of the late Alvon Collison danced, cried and sang some of his favourite songs at a live concert at the Dutch Reformed Church Hall in Milnerton. Alvon, who died in January last year, would have been 81 on Monday April 25 and to celebrate his life, more than 70 people from all over the city attended a tribute concert in his honour.

From left Patience Mahwu from Joe Slovo, Margaret Van Derwielen from Bothasig and Tania Degouveia from Royal Ascot enjoyed the show
Ellen Beaukes and Mercia Dewaal from Retreat enjoyed dancing and singing to some of Alvon’s favourite songs.
From left, Faried Swarts from Milnerton, Phillip Wiseglass and Amely Wiseglass from Claremont, and Elke Shogh and Jean Silverman from Sea Point enjoyed the show.
Sadia Hartle from Table View performed Barbra Streisand’s song, Memory
Faried Swarts of Milnerton welcomes the audience.