Abuse of public areas

Professor Pierre Strydom, Flamingo Vlei

I write this as a frequent dog walker and runner passing through many of our public parks, the vlei and greenbelt areas in Table View, Sunningdale and Flamingo Vlei.

Knowing the state of public areas elsewhere in our country, there is a visible effort by City of Cape Town to keep the parks in a fairly good state. However, I have to state that many dog owners shamelessly abuse our public areas as much as those who arrogantly litter.

I see dog owners “turning the blind eye” and other dog owners cleaning up behind their own dogs and feeling obliged to then clean up behind dogs and owners long departed.

Kind requests on notice boards to clean up behind dogs are blatantly ignored by so many dog owners, making visits of other dog owners and those who wish to enjoy these spaces really unpleasant.

Even without any of those requests, it is considerate behaviour and kind to leave any place used by others clean.

Let us clean up behind our dogs and change the negative image so many residents already hold due to inconsiderate dog owners. “Peemails” are fine but please carry “Poobags”.