Action needed

Len Steele, Table View

I cannot believe that we are in a situation where we have a school that was completed nine months ago and now, allegedly because of water pressure, the staff and pupils cannot occupy it (“Anger over toilets,” Tabletalk, October 19).

Our DA government advises that occupation will only take place in June next year as “they do not want the learners to be exposed to unhealthy or unsafe conditions”.

What a lot of rubbish. Are the conditions that the pupils find themselves in now not more unhealthy than conditions would be at the new school?

How can it take eight months to rectify the water pressure? By installing a water tank/reservoir at a specific height above the ground, sufficient pressure will be obtained to handle toilets, taps, etc. An alternative would be a booster pump; such is used daily by our fire department. I can quite understand, but do not agree, that people take matters into their own hands and start destroying and burning property before the authorities react.

Please, people, let’s do something to rectify this untenable situation before Dunoon degenerates from “talking” to “unrest”.

Do we not learn from our mistakes? Where do we find ourselves now after refusing to listen to university students?

The powers that be are not even available when the parents want to discuss their unhappiness. What will the principal say when the school goes up in flames?

Jessica Shelver and Debbie Schafer should immediately resolve the issue and not hide behind the fact that they “responded” to the letter they received. People do not want reports, but action and solutions.