Address need for housing

Peter Smulik, Rugby

The same poor mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, has to fix when others fail in their duty and neglect to act.

What Mr Smith describes is simply due to the negligence and stubbornness of his colleagues in the various municipal and national departments, who seem to deny that year in and year out we are confronted with the same problem: people desperately seeking land to live on.

As we no longer have control over movement of people, it’s been an annual and increasing problem to accommodate newcomers seeking work in the city, and indeed country-wide in every town.

But it’s like a record that got stuck, yet no one pays any attention to the basic problem: thousands of people stream into the area and thousands of hectares of open, unused, unneeded land lie there to be taken.

Until someone high up in the City understands that this situation cannot be allowed to continue and we start developing huge facilities to accommodate the job-and-accommodation seekers, the situation will continue unabated into the future.

I live next to one of these pieces of land belonging to the national Department of Public Works and have fought with them for 15 years to sell it for development, awaiting the day when “land invaders” find it.

The only solution: proper housing development of unprecedented scale.