Animal rescue sets to build a safe haven for their animals

Cheryl Lyn Potgieter, founder of Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation, wIth rescue Skipper.

Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation (CRO), a registered non-profit organisation that rehabilitates abused and neglected animals, is well on its way to fulfil its mission to build a safe haven for rescued animals.

Founder Cheryl Lyn Potgieter, 59, from Table View embarked on the journey of rescuing animals back in 2015.

It started when she spent three months earning the trust of an abused, neglected and lost mixed-breed stray dog named Daisy.

Since then she has rescued, medically treated and rehabilitated countless animals. “I have put my whole life into rescuing animals,” says Ms Potgieter.

Determined to build a home for rescued animals, CRO has since started taking donations through the BackaBuddy crowdfunding platform to build a proper facility for the animals.

The organisation has received R70 000 through BackaBuddy donations.

Ms Potgieter used this money to rent land from Yvonne Hertog from Kaleidoscope Stud Farm in Klein Dassenberg, Philadelphia and have started building a shelter for the animals five weeks ago.

Ms Potgieter said her goal with the facility is to rehabilitate and re-home abused and neglected animals and to get them sterilised.

Cheryl Lyn Potgieter at the Kaleidoscope Stud Farm in Klein Dassenberg where the Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation’s animal shelter is being built.

“So far we have received donated fencing, donations towards wendy houses and to dismantle from other areas and rebuild. We are still in need of an electrician and a 6-metre container for storage but we have achieved a lot so far,” said Ms Potgieter.

For more information or if you want to assist, contact Ms Potgieter on 082 770 2667 or