Another deadly crash on the R27

A man was killed in a crash between a truck and a car on the R27 last week.

Another death on the R27 has seen calls for safety improvements on the busy road and changes in driver behaviour.

On Thursday, close to midnight, a man died when his car hit a truck on the road, between Table Bay Mall and Melkbosstrand.

Just days earlier, on Tuesday June 8, a collision between a truck and taxi cost eight people their lives (“Charity drive for horror crash families,” Tabletalk, June 16).

This was the second road crash in as many weeks to claims lives on the R27.

Samie Kleynhans, chairman of the Melkbosstrand Community Police Forum, said: “The R27 has always been renowned as a dangerous road. I assume there are many possible reasons, but, at the end of the day, driver behaviour is more than likely, the biggest contributor.”

While the R27 stood out because of recent crashes, the CPF was also worried, he said, about driver behaviour on the other two roads entering Melkbosstrand: the M19 and Otto du Plessis Drive

Melkbosstrand resident Jason Geel said drivers should be more disciplined, and he suggested making the R27 a dual carriageway to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of crashes.

Captain Adriana Chandler of Table View SAPS said the police investigated crashes where someone had been seriously injured or killed.

“It will either be reckless and negligent driving (where no one was killed) or culpable homicide (where someone was killed). In most instances, the court will make a decision to prosecute or not,” she said.

The City of Cape Town did not respond to emailed questions by time of publication.

Road safety tips from Community Medics:

• Don’t exceed the speed limit.

• Always wear your seatbelt and check children are strapped into appropriate restraints and are in the back seat.

• Regularly check the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, including tyre tread and brakes

• Never overtake unless it is safe to do so.

• Always stop at traffic lights and stop signs and ensure you know how a traffic circle works.

• Slow down if it is a dark stretch of road as pedestrians and stationary vehicles can be difficult to see.

• Pedestrians should wear light or reflective clothing in the dark, walk facing oncoming traffic, remain aware of traffic by not using ear phones, and walk in single file or on pavements

• Time spent on the road is one of the most dangerous activities in your day. Be patient and courteous on the roads.