Answers sought for taxi issue

Agi Orfanos, West Beach

Can the paper get a more accurate response from Brett Herron about taxis and rat-running? (“Residents fear rat-running, Tabletalk, July 25). Mr Herron did not answer the question about rat-running.

I have personally complained of this without recourse.

He avoided the fact that there has been tremendous growth in the minibus business since R200 million was paid out especially in Table View.

There has been a huge notable and visible growth in the area.

There is no control of the operators between Dunoon and Table View. And, in my experience, the vast majority of commuters either in Dunoon or Joe Slovo use minibus taxis and not MyCiTi. And the taxis continue to unabatedly break serious road rules.

Why the temporary set up of stacking minibus taxis on the cycle track on Sandown Road as well as outside West Coast Village on the slip lane entrance continues a decade later?

Maxine Bezuidenhout, traffic services spokesperson, responds:

The City’s traffic services department is aware of the reckless driving of minibus taxis along Koeberg Road, and regular enforcement operations are conducted to address this behaviour.

Taxis stopping, dropping and picking up passengers along Koeberg Road is a daily occurrence and is impossible to prevent.

The ranking and plying for hire will not be permitted at this location and will be monitored during our daily patrols.