Apartheid in schools alive

Apartheid in schools is alive. It is worse in primary schools in the Milnerton area. Children are belittled in front of the other children, and when you take the matter up with the school, they intimidate the child or isolate them. The worst part of it is that the department of education does not take any steps when things are reported and sends you back to the school to have it sorted out. Hence those teachers will get away with ridiculing the black child – Pumi, Milnerton.

* Requiring black children to speak English at an English-medium school is racist, but abolishing Afrikaans-medium courses for Afrikaners at universities isn’t? – Charles, Edgemead.

* Ken Hughes of Milnerton, bless you. Your letter on saving bugs made my heart smile (Tabletalk letters, September 7). Thanks for caring – Kat, Milnerton.

* I do not believe for one minute that any taxi driver pays traffic fines as alleged by Gibson Gilbert, to the extent that he has no money to take home (“Table View taxi trouble revs residents,” September 7). Taxi drivers/owners are a law unto themselves. TCT just cannot control the taxis. Maybe there is no will to do so? – Sam Oosthuizen, Table View.