Arthur chauffeurs elderly to the ballot box

Arthur Adonis, of Albow Gardens, Rugby, drove the elderly to voting stations.

Arthur Adonis, of Albow Gardens, was up early on Monday to chauffeur the elderly and frail to their voting stations to “have their voices heard.”

He was doing trips across Milnerton at no cost, he said.

Tabletalk met up with him at Buren High School, just after 1pm, when he dropped off four elderly women and picked up another four who had already voted.

His champagne-coloured Toyota Corolla was loaded with women and their walking sticks as he drove off to drop them and collect other pensioners at the Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTH) Hall voting station along Koeberg Road, in Brooklyn.

He had decided to be a “good Samaritan” for the day because he was concerned for the safety of pensioners, some of them ill, who had to walk to and from the voting stations, he said.

“These people want to have their voices heard, and it is their right to vote, so I have just helped them get to and from the voting stations,” he said.

He opened the car doors, and, as pensioners filled the back seat and the front passenger seat, he said: “I have to go now because they might be hungry and need a tea or loo break. After all, it is about them.”

At 4.30pm Mr Adonis bumped into Tabletalk again at Ysterplaat Primary School, his hair not as neatly brushed as it was earlier that day and he had an exhausted look on his face. He was offloading more pensioners, and he said: “I am always on the go. Let me talk to you later.”

Pensioners from Milnerton were chauffeured to their voting stations