Attention new ward 55 councillor

Brian Josselowitz, Sanddrift

I assume Fabian Ah-Sing is the new councillor for Ward 55 after the DA’s landslide win in the Western Cape.

He ran a very strange campaign, there were no house visits from him or his campaign managers, although he did some electioneering on Facebook and Twitter.

But, believe it or not, not everyone is connected to social media. Some posters with his face appeared a few days before on lamp-posts. My political affiliations are not anyone’s business.

But if Mr Ah-Sing does half as good a job as Bernadette le Roux, I will be quite happy. Perhaps Mr Ah-Sing can arrange for the potholes in Shayele Street, near the Baptist Church, that ironically was a voting station, to be repaired as soon as possible. And have the detour signs removed which confuses visitors to the suburb. The road was dug up when sewerage pipes were relaid.

It took several months (or it just felt like months) and work was completed a week or two before the elections, but the potholes were still there this past weekend.I wish Ms Le Roux well in the future.