Automatic sprinklers waste water

Graham Pinnock, Edgemead

Could the council please explain why it is necessary to have the automatic sprinklers running on the field opposite our house every morning from 2.30am to 6.30am.

We are told to save water but I cannot imagine how much water must be used daily on the field.

Belinda Walker, Mayco member for community services and special projects, responds:

We thank the letter-writer for bringing this to our attention and we will certainly investigate.

Since the Level 2 water restrictions were adopted by council on December 1, 2015, the City’s Parks Department has communicated these restrictions widely to departmental staff.

Implementing these water restrictions has required extensive adjustment of the department’s work schedules and, consequently, extensive engagement and education of staff and users.

These efforts are ongoing as we try to bring all our maintenance work in line with the water restrictions.

We fully appreciate the seriousness of Cape Town’s water situation and are working hard to adjust accordingly and seek out sustainable solutions for our water needs.