Baby born at MyCiTi station

A professional nurse, who was on her way home last night, assisted a MyCiTi passenger who went into labour at the Milnerton station.

Irene Kabongo was on her way home after a job interview when she boarded the MyCiTi bus at Woodbridge Island.

Soon after, her skills as a professional nurse came in handy when she assisted fellow passenger, Unathi Nzintha, to give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Ms Kabongo said, “I sat down next to a pregnant woman who told me she was not feeling well at all. She was on her way to Somerset Hospital as she was having contractions. I asked her about the sequence of the contractions and realised that she was going to give birth very soon. So I phoned the emergency number in the bus and then we got off at Milnerton station.”

Once at the station, Ms Kabongo made the 33-year old pregnant woman comfortable on a blanket.

Anele Damgazele, a security guard on duty at the station, stepped in to help.

Ms Kabongo said, “The baby wanted to come, I could see the head and told the guard to go fetch the emergency kit quick for scissors and bandages. I always walk with my gloves, so I put them on. Then she pushed and the baby was out and I cut the umbilical cord. I’m proud and happy that the knowledge I have saved a life.”

By the time the ambulance arrived, the new-born baby girl and mother were ready to be transferred to Somerset Hospital.

The mother plans to name her girl “Blessing” because ‘it was a blessing that the nurse was there.

The newborn weighs 2.4 kg.