Bank safety during festive season

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) sounded a warning to bank clients with the launch of its Safe Banking Campaign on Tuesday November 15.

Sabric said at this time of the year, fraudsters pounce as consumers get bonuses and spend more money. During the festive season, there is an increase in online banking and card transactions, Sabric CEO, Kalyani Pillay said.

She also warned against lost and stolen card fraud. Criminals interrupt customers while they’re busy with a transactions during which they steal, swop or trap a card in the ATM.

“PIN numbers areeasily acquired by shoulder surfing, which enables a stolen card to be utilised immediately by the fraudster,” Sabric said.

“By covering the PIN when punching the numbers, bank clients will be able to mitigate their risk even if they are the unfortunate victims of card theft” says Ms Pillay.

“Bank clients are urged not to accept any assistance or allow anybody to interrupt or interfere with them at ATMs while transacting”, Ms Pillay said.

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