Bartender robbed at gunpoint

Shots were fired in the Buckley’s Bar on Sunday morning, March 12 after three suspects stormed in and demanded money.

According to Captain Adriana Chandler, communications officer at Table View SAPS, the incident occurred just after 11am at the Marine Circle pub in Porterfield Road, when a woman and two men – one armed with a gun, pointed the weapon at the bartender in a bid to rob the business.

A struggle ensued but although a shot was fired the bartender was left unharmed and the threesome left without taking any cash.

But at a nearby parking lot, the armed suspects tried to hijack a car and shot the driver, hitting him in the leg. Then, after dragging the victim out of his own car, the suspect drove away, with the other two suspects fleeing on foot. The victim was treated at a nearby hospital.

According to Captain Chandler, the man was too shocked to provide a registration number, but police searched for the vehicle according to his description.

Police are appealing to anyone with information to contact Table View police station at 021 521 3300 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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