Be patient with pedestrians

Mari Mocke, Table View

I am a regular, elderly pedestrian in Table View, and I am petrified of using the robot crossings in Blaauwberg Road, because of uncaring motorists.

Obedient to safety regulations, I press the button to wait for the green flashing sign allowing me to cross the road while the robot flashes green a few minutes.

And while the green light flashes for a pedestrian, there is also the possibility for cars to turn into the side street, which also lets them cross the same pedestrian crossing while someone on foot is trying his best to get to the other side in the amazingly limited time allowed for a pedestrian to try and get safely to the other side.

It is my regular experience that motorists who want to use the turn at the robot, take no heed of the pedestrian walking across that road between the pedestrian road lines because the light is also green for one on foot.

Surely a considerate driver would hesitate while crossing – for the pedestrian also to be safe while trying to get to the other side?

I take my hat off to the kind driver at the robot nearest to the Pick * Pay shopping centre, who noticed my plight while trying to cross the road when the robot was green for me to walk across, while two motorists from Blaauwberg Road turned into Pentz Drive, because the light was also green for them, but without caring to slow down when driving very close to me, as I was simultaneously trying to get to the other side.

The kind driver waiting in Pentz Drive for the robot to allow him to cross Blaauwberg Road, got out of his car to assist me, while holding my arm, to cross the pedestrian crossing safely. Many thanks kind gentleman who helped me so unselfishly on Thursday April 14. Such stars are born to follow in their footsteps.