Better options for parking

Sheila Brits, Milnerton

Surely this man is joking? How can an extra 60 flats assist with public parking? (“Suites ‘not suitable’,” Tabletalk, March 20).

Maybe parking for the flats and the parking for Oxbow should be in the recently opened Centre Point in Loxton Road?

Leave Spar and the parking area alone, Mr Prinsloo.

We’ve all been glad to shop with friendly efficient staff there as well as all other companies in this complex.

The parking problems are caused by the number of bays allocated to Oxbow cars, so maybe Oxbow employees should be using “pool” cars or alternatively use the under-street-level parking at Centre Point?

Homeowners in nearby roads have also recently been approached with offers to purchase their homes at almost double current prices – is the intention to use the sites for offices?

Milnerton has vacant land at either side of Loxton Road at the junction with Woodbridge, and at least 50% of these two sites could be developed into open car parks thus leaving the remaining 50% “green” in front of the blocks of flats there.

It would also ease the number of cars parked by parents outside Woodbridge Primary School collecting and dropping off pupils.

As Centre Point has taken forever to re-open, instead of the proposed 12 to 18 months originally quoted, and currently is not even 50% occupied, it seems ridiculous to anticipate exactly when and how this proposal benefits residents.