Book launch

Professor Gertrude Fester, of Blouberg, launched her book, Prison Notebook V2957/88, at the monthly Woman Zone book club at Artscape on Saturday August 13. Professor Fester underwent 104 days of solitary confinement under the apartheid-era Terrorism Act before being brought to trial with 13 other political activists in what became known as the “Yengeni Trial”. The book begins with her childhood and young adult life before exploring her work for the liberation struggle, which led to her detention in the 1980s.
This year, Woman Zone is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a movement designed to bring together all women from the Mother City’s cultural kaleidoscope, and participants will be invited to write the names of lost loved ones on a commemorative banner.
Professor Gertrude Fester is seen here in conversation with Woman Zone founder, Nancy Richards, of Rosebank.
Althea Wickcomb, left, with her mother Lorraine Wickcomb both from Bellville.