Book review: School Afrikaans study guides

Lees en Kyk Met Begrip

Various authors

Best Books

Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

My children’s usual modus operandi for completing Afrikaans homework involves a lot of phonetic memorisation and Google translations.

As a result, they have little comprehension of this, their weakest subject. They therefore found these study guides, which are aimed at Grades 7 to 9, very helpful.

My eldest daughter said she liked that the guides used worksheets that she was familiar with since it is the same format used in the school curriculum and that the reading texts gave bracketed English translations for difficult Afrikaans words.

Her only complaint was that there was no answer key at the back but I found that Best Books have downloadable answer sheets freely available on their website.

The books are aligned to the CAPS curriculum with visual texts and reading extracts including articles, advertisements, comic strips and summaries. They are designed to help pupils with not only reading comprehension but also visual literacy and summaries and include practice questions for test preparations.

It would make a good text book companion for senior-phase pupils who have difficulty with Afrikaans.