Border wall debate continues

Geoff and Francoise Liang, Milnerton

Referring to Michael Bagraim’s response to our letter in Tabletalk (“Battle over boundary wall,” Tabletalk October 30), he claims the original boundary wall was a vibrate wall and not a brick one.

We have found photos of the original wall that clearly show it is, in fact, a brick wall. We repeat that we merely repaired and reinforced the old wall. We did not replace it!

So it appears to us that Mr Bagraim is the one who is both wrong and disingenuous.

Why is it so difficult for Mr Bagraim to admit that he is in the wrong? He was the one who built illegally on the boundary wall. Why did he choose to build in the early hours of a Sunday morning? Why did he allow his builders to work on the wall while the electric fence was still live?

Why did he attempt to make an agreement with us over an illegal wall? Why did he continue to build on the boundary wall even after we informed him that the wall might not be able to carry the weight of the additional brick work? Now after all this, why is he claiming the whole wall is illegal?

Michael Bagraim responds: This curious case of the illegal wall is now not only boring but has become a stalemate. To conduct litigation via the post and through print becomes tedious for all the readers.

I once again state that the wall is illegal and our City council has deemed that to be so. To do anything further on an illegal wall would not correct it or make it right.

The only reason why I’m claiming the wall is illegal is that I have been told that it is illegal by none other than the mayoral committee member for spatial planning, Marian Nieuwoudt.

The Liangs have chosen to litigate over this issue, and it might be useful for them to invite the public to the hearing at the court.

The Small Claims Court will, in due course, have a date for the dispute between No 5 and No 6 Nemesia Crescent, Milnerton.

The public can come to the court case as it will be open to the public and they can also come and view the wall which is the boundary between No 5 and No 6 Nemesia Crescent. I invite everyone to do so.

* This correspondence is now closed – editor