Bossies builds bonds with Beijing school

Pupils from Beijing No.20 High School and Bosmansdam High School met last week.

More than 70 Chinese high school pupils, accompanied by their teachers, visited Bosmansdam High School last Wednesday.

The visit was part of efforts to forge a link between Beijing No.20 High School and Bosmansdam High, which was established in 1971.

The Chinese pupils were taken on a tour of the school by the matrics, and later they took part in a rugby game.

The Chinese school’s principal, Qi Ying Feng, said they hoped to share experiences, help each other grow and build understanding between the different cultures.

“Education is the key to our future. It’s important to then have communication in order to promote this understanding between ourselves and others,” she said.

“Our thirst for knowledge and curiosity brought us here. South Africa is a beautiful country with an abundance of potential. A land with so much history and a multicultural country. This country shines so bright on the African continent.

“Through this exchange activity, we hope to gain a much better understanding of this country, and we hope to share our knowledge with this great nation.”

Ms Qi presented Bosmansdam High principal Gert van Tonder with a porcelain vase, and he, in turn, gave her an original Bosmansdam Knights rugby shirt as well as a bottle of wine.

“We are extremely grateful to Beijing No.20 High School for choosing to tour our school and interact with our learners. We know that this is not the last time we will be seeing and spending time with this amazing school. Who knows, next time it could be our Knights, on a plane to China, experiencing the life of a student at Beijing No.20 High School,” said Mr Van Tonder.

Pupils from a Beijing high school check out one of Bosmansdam High School’s clasrooms and meet some of the school’s pupils.
Pupils of both schools took time to take pictures and exchange cellphone numbers with plans to create lasting bonds.
Bosmansdam High School principal Gert van Tonder exchanges gifts with Beijing No.20 High School principal Qi Ying Feng.