Bothasig girl, 6, acts against bullying

Winter-Lee Titus at the 1MinuteFilmFestival awards earlier this year.

Winter-Lee Titus, 6, of Bothasig Gardens, has become a social media sensation after she landed a spot in a local movie, Bloed Betaal 2.

The girl’s mother, Joy Titus, says Winter-Lee was chosen to take part in the movie because of her dark skin and bushy afro, sassy personality and dance moves – which are things she gets bullied about at school.

Winter-Lee is a young dancer in the movie about the everyday stories and struggles of people living on the Cape Flats.

In January, Winter-Lee received an award for best newcomer for her role in a short film, Bedtime, which won the best one-minute film and best horror-film awards at the 1MinuteFilmFestival.

Ms Titus says Winter-Lee has spent her first-term school holidays visiting various youth groups and encouraging them to stop being bullies and speak out against bullying.

“I have taught her to accept what her bullies say and embrace who she is,” says Ms Titus.

She says Winter-Lee tells others how she always wanted her hair straightened like the other girls, but now she loves her natural hair and encourages people to learn to love themselves.

Ms Titus says she noticed her daughter was “a diva in the making” since she was able to form sentences, and even though she has never been to a drama or dance school, she practices her dance moves and impersonations in the mirror and makes TikTok videos.

Winter-Lee has gained a lot of confidence and no longer complains about being bullied since she received hundreds of followers on social media and the award, says Ms Titus.

She says when she and her daughter visit shopping centres, people ask Winter-Lee to take pictures with them and she is always ready to “pout and pose” with them.

Ms Titus says all the older people at the social housing complex at Bothasig Gardens are fond of Winter-Lee because of her kind manners and love for the elderly.

Winter-Lee with her parents, Joy and Craig Titus
Winter-Lee Titus, 6, loves dancing and acting