Bothasig parrot is back home

Lisa Cooper gives her pet parrot Ash a welcome-home peck on the beak.

A Bothasig woman has been reunited with her missing parrot thanks to a little help from Tabletalk.

Lisa Cooper’s African grey, Ash, went missing from her home last week after being startled by a leaf blower.

The bird was found by a Bothasig resident after he saw Ash’s picture on Tabletalk’s front page, Ms Cooper said.

“I believe it was the power of printed media that reunited Ash and me,” Ms Cooper said. “Ash basically flew to the end of the road, did a loop and was found by a gentleman.

As soon as he saw the newspaper article, he called my husband and told him to come and get the bird as he has got him.

The people in Cape Town are incredible, and I am so grateful for all the calls, notifications and messages received. I have had so many people sharing and caring for Ash to come home.”

She encouraged people who find a parrot or domestic bird to call Cheeky Beaks Rescue at or @cheekybeakssa. The non-profit helps to find the bird’s correct owners and fosters birds until the owners are found.