Bridge project ridiculous

Pieter Coetzee, Edgemead

The wooden bridge was built in 1901 by the Royal Engineers to provide entry to a cannon trench (“Big bucks needed for historic bridge,” Tabletalk, November 30).

Since then, it was in constant use until the 1980s. It was declared a national monument under the old National Monument Council legislation in 1987.

In between and prior to the development of Woodbridge Island residential area and the golf club it was solely used by Sir De Villiers Graaff for personal purposes.

What really is the historic value? The colonials have long left.

Now R30 million is to be spent on rebuilding the bridge – rebuilt is not the same as restoration and the bridge will, as such, lose its historic value.

The two-year project will no doubt stretch to three, and the cost will ultimately escalate to R45 million. For whose benefit? Only the architects and those making money out of it in my opinion.

If the islanders are so passionate about having the bridge restored, they should raise a special levy to pay for it. As past owner of the island, perhaps the Graaff Foundation could contribute towards this.

My qualm at the end of the day is that R30 million could, or rather should, be better spent on more needy issues.

You will know what these are but perhaps the City of Cape Town is unaware of such matters. A totally ridiculous project in my opinion.