Bring special task team in

Sean Joffe, Cellucity Paddocks franchise owner

Essentially there has been a significant increase this year in retail robberies in the Western Cape at jewellery stores, camera stores and cellular stores (“Robbers pounce on centre,” Tabletalk, July10).

It is a direct consequence of a failure by the SAPS to tackle this specific crime in the Western Cape and to divert limited resources to the ongoing gang wars.

On a larger scale, it is also probably as a consequence of growing unemployment in a stagnant economy.

These criminals are taking advantage of the SAPS’ lack of resolve and resources.

The police need to commit to bringing in a special task team to tackle this specific crime spree in the province which historically has been very successful catching these criminals.

With respect to our robbery at Paddocks, we are confident that several undisclosed new measures by the centre’s owners will eliminate the problem and is most likely going to make Paddocks one of the safest malls in Cape Town.

In terms of the robbery at Cellucity Paddocks, improved security in the store resulted in the robbers getting away with a trivial amount of cash and ten plastic dummy phones.

Mall owners are
now all increasing security and sharing
the information which is ultimately contributing to improving security.