Brooklyn Chest Hospital gets facelift

From left, Carl Bayhack, Karen Oliveira, Sister Valarie Cornelius, Santa Grindlay, Olivia Dachsberger, Leanne Bayhack, Helene Gaweda and Colleen Röthig.

A Table View charity has fixed up the children’s section at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Ysterplaat.

Mothers That Care and Blouberg Rotary Club joined forces to spruce up the children’s ward, its offices, corridors and patio area with fresh coats of paint, new bedding, window blinds and chairs.

The charity’s founder, Karen Oliveira, said Mothers That Care received funding from The Passion Fund Grant programme, in America, and were told by the programme to do something significant and life-changing with the money.

“This collaboration then led to the children’s section of the Brooklyn Chest Hospital, where wonderful work is done by the doctors and nursing staff caring for children being treated for tuberculosis,” she said.

The involvement of the Blouberg Rotary Club had helped to make the project a success, she said.

“Making a difference in children’s lives is what our organisation strives to do, and we feel privileged to have been given the funding to do just that with the Brooklyn Chest Hospital,” said Ms Oliveira.

Mothers That Care is made up of volunteers who distribute sandwiches, soup, clothes, groceries, blankets and other essentials to the needy, especially children.

Rotary Club Blouberg’s Olivia Dachsberger said they were thrilled to be part of the project.

“Our partnership with Mothers That Care in making a significant difference in the experiences of the children being treated at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital came at the right time,” she said.

The wards, offices and patio all needed a fresh coat of paint and new furniture.

“We’re very pleased that we were able to offer our experience and support and get it done in the time we did.”

The chosen theme for the duvets and wall murals was the animal kingdom, she added.

Sister Valarie Cornelius, who is responsible for the Brooklyn Chest Hospital’s children’s section, said the children’s eyes lit up when they saw bright-coloured walls and drawings in the ward.

“There is a different, more cheerful atmosphere. Thank you so much to Mothers That Care and Rotary Club Blouberg for all they’ve done for our wonderful children,” she said.

The children’s ward received new bedding and a fresh coat of paint.