‘Burglars’ caught in roadblock

Five suspected burglars were caught in a jam on Friday February 26, when they drove into a City of Cape Town Traffic Services roadblock in the Bothasig area.

The officers had stopped the van after noticing that it had no number plates. A search of the vehicle revealed an array of housebreaking tools including battery-operated grinders, as well as balaclavas and gloves.

“It has since been determined that two of the five suspects have criminal records for housebreaking and other crimes,” said the Mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith.

The roadblock also served up three suspects in possession of 449 mandrax tablets and 12 dagga stoppe; and there were 29 arrests for drunk driving, including a motorist who was seven times over the legal limit, and one arrest for assault.

“We often take flak from motorists about the inconvenience of roadblocks. The arrests this past weekend serve as a reminder of how important roadblocks are as an enforcement tool. While primarily focused on road safety, officers are also on the lookout for other illegal activity.

“I’m very interested to see what the investigation into the housebreaking suspects reveals and won’t be surprised if this gang is behind a rash of incidents. Who knows how many crimes they may still have gotten away with had they not been caught at that checkpoint,” said Mr Smith.