Cameras keep eye on Sunset Beach

Lise Lotze addresses the packed Milnerton Golf Club.

The chairwoman of the Sunset Beach Home Owners’ Association has thanked residents for the thousands of rands they have donated so far to install new security cameras in the area.

So far there was R29 000 in the kitty, with one resident having given R8 000 of that, Lise Lotze told residents at the association’s meeting at the Milnerton Golf Club, on Tuesday August 15.

The association, which has promised to match whatever is raised by the residents, wants to replace the suburb’s older cameras with ones that can pan, tilt and zoom to cover a greater area.

The association’s Andy Davies is in charge of the camera project, and he said every little bit helped.

“The cameras are monitored by Crime Watch and they are in possession of all the data. So anybody who has donated to the camera project as a once-off or as a monthly fee, they can get access to the information on the cameras.”

Three new cameras have been installed in the neighbourhood so far with four to be installed soon.

Juanita Aitkenhead, a member of the association, said residents should take ownership of their community and and they could do that by starting WhatsApp groups to let each other know what was happening in their streets.