CBC cares beyond the classroom

From left are Sean Greyling, Megan Sing and Pedro Pereira.

When a CBC St John’s pupil was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, the school showed its support with a cancer campaign that was both supportive and informative.

In February, Grade 11 pupil Andrew Moore was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a cancer that most often occurs in and around the bones.

Megan Sing, the Grade 12 head prefect, said pupils had been considering a variety of outreach campaigns for the year until news of Andrew’s illness reached them.

“We decided to run with a cancer campaign because one of our own pupils was struggling with cancer,” said Megan.

In the weeks leading up to World Cancer Day on Saturday February 4, each grade focused on learning more about the different types of cancer.

Pupils then sold cupcakes on World Cancer Day to raise money for Cupcakes of Hope, a non-profit that is behind South Africa’s National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer in September.

Grade 11 head teacher Sean Greyling, who taught Andrew English, said they would love Andrew to return to school next year. He is being home schooled while undergoing a year-long chemotherapy programme.

Andrew’s mother, Suzan Moore, has praised the school for its efforts in educating children about cancer.

“Unfortunately, due to his chemo, we have had to pull him out of school for this year, but they still see him as a part of the CBC family and welcome him back to school whenever there is a school event or gala.

“Their education programme has allowed him to go back and not feel like he is an outcast or outsider because they understand his situation.

“As childhood cancer is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed, it is important for schools to be involved with educating the kids on what to look out for. I wish other schools did the same with their students,” said Ms Moore.

One of Andrew’s friend’s who also attends CBC St John’s, Pedro Pereira, said he missed Andrew’s sense of humour in class.

“His absence really changes the whole mood of the grade. His illness has changed my whole perspective on how quickly things can change,” said Pedro.