Cell tower objections

Alf Hutchison, Parklands North

Thank you for your response to my letter requesting clarification on this matter (“Cell tower concerns”, Tabletalk letters, May 23).

Your gracious apology is accepted. I would like to respond to your closing question: “Mr Hutchison if it was on a property close to you would you not have reservations too?”

Ms Davis I bought my first home in Table view in September 1973, and we were a very close-knit community. My company was responsible for erecting the very first illuminated road sign on Blouberg Road and Boy de Goede Circle.

It read “Paradise Pools welcomes you to Table View”. You cannot believe the flak which I took in getting approval for a roadside neon sign, not only from the council but from gripers in the community. So to answer your question, no I have no gripe with advancing technology; further more I once owned the property directly behind this church, and was one who did not object to the original building of the church while many did; and certainly would not object to this tower which will bring much needed revenue to this church.

I firmly believe that people should not write letters if they do not come from a source of authority, so allow me to continue; I am a telegraph technician by trade and part of my training was in radio rrequency ( RF) transmission worldwide; not in cells of only a few kilometres, but thousands of kilometres.

The transmitting stations in those days used multi megawatts of power and in all my time I knew of not one soul suffering from RF radiation.

People think that because there is a tower involved that there are megawatts of power being transmitted.

Please think about it logically – the power needed for the cellphone which you own, uses only slightly less power than the transmitter back from the tower – yet you have no problem putting your cellphone right up against your head.