Children’s Book Day challenge at museum

On Saturday April 2, the Cape Town Museum of Childhood will host a “Find the Book Challenge” to celebrate International Children’s Book Day.

People are encouraged to participate in this fun challenge in search of a gift-wrapped children’s book. Early on Saturday morning, the museum team will place 50 gift-wrapped children’s books in places across Cape Town.

Clues and tips for finding some of the gifts will be posted on the museum’s social media platforms. The lucky finders will open their gifts and find a letter instructing them on what to do and how to enter a further competition.

The finders should take a photo of themselves with their new book and post it onto social media, using the hashtag #foundmybook.

One person from these posts will receive a R1 000 gift voucher as well as 50 children’s books to be donated to an Early Childhood Development Centre of their choice.

For more information, visit, follow the Facebook page CTchildhood, the Twitter handle @Ctchildhood or Instagram Instagram account @CTchildhood