Christmas lights

The Christmas lights at the Beyers home in Rugby.

Wendy Beyers, Rugby

It started many years ago with my husband, Martin’s, dad – it was his highlight every year for his grandchildren.

Three years ago, Martin’s dad passed away, and Martin felt that he needed to carry on with the tradition. Martin takes many a night after work to work on his lights, to prepare for the festive season.

He’s been up early the last two weekends to complete his lights. Not even the increase in Eskom tariffs will stop him from doing this.

He has a 10-month-old granddaughter, Morgan, who is so fascinated with all the colours, and two daughters, aged 23 and 11. And every year they can’t wait for the lights.

His mom is 81 years old and sits in the lounge until late in the evening just enjoying the festivity around her.

He is very proud of it and every year he says that this is the last year, but that never happens.