City launches mobile housing office in Brooklyn

The MyEstate mobile unit will service the residents of Brooklyn.

Mobile offices handling council-housing queries and more — like the one being piloted now in Brooklyn — will fill the gap left by the closure of underutilised satellite housing offices in some communities, says the City.

The MyEstate office has been servicing the Albow Gardens complex in Brooklyn, operating from the parking area near the clinic and library since late last year.

It has replaced the old satellite housing office, which had run out of a ground-floor unit but which had only been used for part of the week. That unit, according to the City, has now been allocated to a pensioner who has been on the housing database for 27 years.

“The MyEstate mobile housing office takes a critical service to the doorstep of the city’s most vulnerable residents,” said Stuart Diamond, Mayoral committee member for assets and facilities management.

The office helps the City’s residents log service requests, rent-relief applications, housing-list queries, general enquiries and more.It also offers a personalised service for a resident who can’t walk.