City warns of scam artist in Milnerton

The City of Cape Town has warned Milnerton residents about a scam artist, posing as a City of Cape Town employee, who left a pensioner more than R5 000 out of pocket for phoney upgrades to water and electricity meters.

In a statement on Monday June 20, the City said a man identifying himself as “Jonathan” had approached an elderly resident at home, claiming the City was upgrading water and electricity meters and that pensioners were being prioritised.

The resident parted with more than R5 000 after getting a “reference” number and cellphone contact details for the conman’s “colleagues” whom he claimed would arrive the following day to replace the meters.

“The City can assure the public that the situation described by the resident does not conform with our processes.

“We have encouraged her to lay charges with the South African Police Service, and we will do the same.”

Residents can verify whether someone is a City employee by calling 0860 103 089 to confirm whether work is being carried out in their area or informing the official that they will allow them entry only once the call centre has verified their identity.

Residents could also ask for a letter of appointment outlining the purpose of the project on a City of Cape Town letterhead, signed by a City official with both office and cellular telephone numbers on the letterhead, the City said.