Collective effort keeps Milnerton clean

Milnerton CPF chairman Mark Lindsell and Milnerton CPF member, Jacqui Pember.

Council workers and volunteers from Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch, Milnerton Ridge Ratepayers’ Association, Milnerton Community Policing Forum and Royal Ascot Master Property Association (RAMPOA) cleaned the retention-pond area opposite the Paddocks Centre, filling 10 bulk bags and 20 rubbish bags, with, among other things, more than 50 hypodermic needles, a knife and several packs of unused condoms.

RAMPOA deputy chairman, Charl van der Merwe, said they would continue pressing the City of Cape Town to cut the bushes to their stems.

“Once they grow back, they can easily be trimmed into perfect spheres, which would look pretty and sculptural, and be easy to maintain,” he said.

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