Comfort packs

Raquel Croeser, Summer Greens

The Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch has joined forces with charity Matla A Bana to collect comfort packs for abused children.

The packs have three categories: emergency items, need items and comfort items.

We are calling on business owners, community leaders, religious institutions and residents to step up and join in this charity drive.

Most of the items needed are basic necessities which every child should have but, sadly, in most cases, do not.

We would like people to donate the following for each pack: wrapping paper, a thin colouring book, crayons, a small juice, an energy bar, a packet of biscuits, a small packet of soup, a face cloth, panties (any age from 5 to 12 years old), soap, tissues, toothpaste, toothbrush, a teddy bear, a small notebook, a pen, sanitary towels and a roll-on deodorant.

We are doing the official handover on Saturday December 16 at the market day at the Summer Greens community hall, but people are still more than welcome to donate via the Santa Shoe Box on the day before the handover.

The festive season is a time for giving, and this is a great initiative to dig into our pockets for.